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Reservations should be made via our website, text message, by calling to 662-322-5641, or via e-mail.

Reservations for visits are not to be considered accepted until

a response from Patricia Wood has been received and confirmed.

Paws Pet Sitters LLC is dedicated to providing your pets with the most personal care! We will not overbook our schedule at any time to “squeeze” clients in.

Emergency or Short Notice Reservations

Paws Pet Sitters LLC considers a reservation made with less than 72-hour notice from date of the first visit a “Short Notice” reservation. And a reservation request made within 24-hour notice of first needed visit an “Emergency” reservation.

Recognized “Major Holidays”

New Year’s Eve and Day

Easter Weekend/Good Friday

Spring Break

July 4th

Memorial Day weekend (Friday-Monday)


Christmas Eve and Day

Note: There will be a $10.00/day surcharge added to any service scheduled during Paws Pet Sitters LLC recognized holidays. No Exceptions. Implemented 01/05/2018


Paws Pet Sitters LLC will communicate with our clients via voicemail text message, or e-mail. We will attempt to provide you an update on our pets’ well-being.


Paws Pet Sitters LLC will provide you with total due for your scheduled visits prior to your departure. Payment is due on or before your first scheduled visit. Payment can be made via cash, check, or money order. Payment must be left for Pet Sitter to retrieve at time of the first visit, unless otherwise discussed.

Returned Checks

There will be a $36.00 charge for any returned check. If a check is not rectified within three business days from the date the check was returned, an additional $10.00 per day will be added to the outstanding invoice. Future Pet-Sits will be required to be in cash or money order prior to your departure. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Cancellations/Visit Changes

Cancellations on Non-Holiday Visits

Paws Pet Sitters LLC requests that all cancellations of non-holiday schedule visits be made at least 72-hours prior to the first scheduled visit. Any cancellations made within less than 72-hour notice will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the total of the original invoice due in net 15 days. Please understand that when a cancellation occurs there is no guarantee that Paws Pet Sitters LLC will be able to fill the time slots you booked, so there will be NO EXCEPTION to this policy.

Cancellations – Holiday Visits

Paws Pet Sitters LLC requests that all cancellations of service scheduled during holidays be made at least 15 days prior to the first scheduled visit. Cancellations not made at least 15 days prior to date of first scheduled visit will result in a cancellation fee of 75% of the total of original invoice, due in net 15 days. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Holidays are peak times at Paws Pet Sitters LLC and we reserve spots on a first come, first served basis, and other clients may have been denied service based on the time slots held for your pets. Please understand that when a cancellation occurs, there is no guarantee that your slot will be filled. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Early Returns

There will be no refunds given for early returns. Please understand this policy is in effect to ensure that we adhere to our strict “No Overbooking” policy, which means we may have turned away other clients to ensure that your pets receive the care they deserve during your original requested dates of service. A credit toward future scheduled visits may be issued based on the circumstances of the early return and is solely at the discretion of Paws Pet Sitters LLC.

We will always consider family and weather-related emergencies as credit-worthy circumstances.

Extended Visit Request

A request to add extra visits to previously-scheduled service AFTER they have already begun will be charged $10 a day in addition to the regular visit fee if the primary pet sitter, Patricia Wood, is available. If an additional pet sitter has to be called in to care for your pets on these additional visits, the surcharge will be $25 per day in addition to the regular visit fee.

Emergency/Medical Information

Client Profile and Emergency Contact

Paws Pet Sitters LLC will require each client to sign a service contract and complete a client profile detailing the care instructions of your pets and your home, as well as complete emergency contact information. The client will be responsible for updating their profile with the most current pet and household information as circumstances change.

The emergency contact should have access to your home and be aware of times that they may have to provide care for your pets in the event that Paws Pet Sitters LLC is unable to fulfill the service visits due to unforeseen circumstances or client’s refusal to abide by policies set forth in the contract.

Veterinarian Care Authorization

Paws Pet Sitters LLC will have each client sign an authorization form allowing us to approve emergency veterinarian care for your pet in case of illness or injury. Paws Pet Sitters LLC will keep a copy of the authorization in the client’s file and ask that the client provide one to the pet’s veterinarian for their patient file. Paws Pet Sitters LLC will make every effort to contact you and your emergency contact person prior to authorizing vet care, but in the event you or your emergency contact cannot be reached, Paws Pet Sitters LLC reserves the right to act in the quickest and best interest of your pet.

In the even that your choice veterinarian is not available for emergency care, your pet will be taken to the nearest available emergency veterinarian. Paws Pet Sitters LLC will not be financially liable for any care provided by a vet in your absence.


Paws Pet Sitters LLC requires that all pets under our care have up-to-date veterinarian recommended vaccination history on file.

ALL pets must have a current rabies vaccination! This is required for our liability insurance, for the safety of your pet, for our safety, and the safety of all pets. There will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. A copy of your pet’s vaccination records must be provided prior to the first scheduled visit.

Paws Pet Sitters LLC reserves the right to routinely check with your vet prior to any future scheduled service to verify that your pet’s vaccines are kept current base on veterinarian recommendations.

End-of-Life Instruction

Paws Pet Sitters LLC will require that each client designate special instructions in the unlikely event that their pet expires while in our care. We will honor our client’s instruction to the letter, and will communicate immediately with the client if that situation should arise. We understand that this is a difficult topic to discuss, but feel that because the relationship between clients and pets is a lifelong commitment, we want to be sure to treat your pet with the same loving respect at their life’s end as their own family would.

Visit Policy

Paws Pet Sitters LLC will visit all pets at least one time per day. We will not provide every other day service. No exceptions. This is for the safety of your pet, as independent as it may be, and also for the safety of your home and Paws Pet Sitters LLC as a company.

Paws Pet Sitters LLC will make every effort to visit your pet within a 2-hour time frame of preferred time of service or our pet’s regular schedule when you are home.

Paws Pet Sitters LLC has three set time frames throughout each business day:

Morning Visits are made from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM.

Mid-day Visits are made from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

Evening Visits are made from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Note: Pets with special physical or medical needs will be prioritized in the schedule.

Visits will normally include two potty breaks, feeding/watering/medication as directed, mail and newspaper retrieval, light and blind/curtain alteration, plants watered, quick inside house check, play and affection time, food and water dish cleaning, treat (if allowed), litter box maintenance, and cage maintenance as applicable.

Any dog(s) whose yard does not have an above-ground fence will taken out to potty on a leash. This includes pets with invisible fences. Paws Pet Sitters LLC cannot guarantee the reliability of the underground fence, nor the battery life of collar, therefore, those pets will also be taken out to potty breaks on a leash to ensure the safety and reduce Paws Pet Sitters LLC risk of liability.

Paws Pet Sitters LLC will not be held liable for any damage done to your home, by your pets, while they are under our care. The client must provide a pet-safe area for their pet to live in during the client’s absence, whether that be gated-off area of the home, a pet-safe room, or a kennel large enough to safely accommodate the pet. For safety, all collars and tags will be removed prior to placement of pets in the kennel for any period of time.

All pet supplies (food, treats, medications, emergency travel kennel/carrier and toys) must be provided by the client. Please make sure that you have ample food and medications to last the duration of your absence. If Paws Pet Sitters LLC has to replenish food or medications, the client will be responsible to financially reimburse Paws Pet Sitters LLC for the cost of food and/or supplies, as well as a $25.00 convenience charge to cover gas, travel, and lost time costs.

Cleaning Supplies and Materials

While potty accidents, hairballs, vomit, muddy paw prints and tracked-in leaves or grass are not uncommon for the pet sitter to deal with, the pet sitter will not carry cleaning supplies in our vehicle for several reasons, including, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • It’s not safe for us to transport cleaning agents in our vehicles, which are subject to extreme heat or cold.
  • We transport animals in our vehicles and will not subject our clients’ pets to the possibility of ingesting any spilled cleaner.
  • We do not want to risk the possibility of using cleaning materials that may be harmful to our client’s flooring or furniture.

Please leave out paper towels, preferred cleaning solutions (vinegar and water spray is very good at odor removal), broom, dust pan, plastic or paper bags, and any items you would wish us to use in case of a potty or dirt emergency.

Sharing Pet Care and Additional People in Home

Important: Paws Pet Sitters LLC will not share pet care with anyone else in your absence. If you have contracted with Paws Pet Sitters LLC to care for your pets, then we ask that you do not have anyone else enter your home for sole purpose of caring for your pets at the same time. This is for our liability insurance and for our safety. We will not share the care of your pet with your relatives, neighbors, cleaning service, or landscaper. We will not be held liable for any harm, damage, or neglect to your home or pet that is not a direct result of any negligence on the part of Paws Pet Sitters LLC.

If someone else will be in your home during the same time frame of our contracted schedule, please provide their name and make and model of their car so that we are aware of their presence in the home. In instances where someone else will be in your home, we will ask for a liability waiver to be signed.

Inclement Weather

Paws Pet Sitters LLC will always put the best interest and safety of your pets as our number one priority, as well as the safety of our staff. If inclement weather (heavy rain causing poor visibility, snow, ice, or damaging winds) prevents us from traveling safely to your home, we will contact your emergency contact person to care for your pet. If travel is possible, but the temperature is below 10 degrees, we will travel to your home to care for your pets, but will not perform any dog walks.

Outside Temperature

Paws Pet Sitters LLC will not turn dogs or cats outside for the day if the temperature is below 35 degrees or above 85 degrees (unless there is a properly insulated dog house, heater, fan, shaded area, or other adequate shelter and access to food and water). This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with each client.


In the case of a natural disaster, act of war, or act of God (tornado, etc.), all attempts to reach your pet to make sure they are okay will be made, as long as it is safe for Paws Pet Sitters LLC to travel. If the local authorities will not allow travel or if the roads are not accessible, we will attempt to reach your pets at the very first and safest opportunity. We will always make attempts to contact you in the meantime to inform you of the current situation and updates. If it is possible for your emergency contact person to reach your pets, we will make every attempt to coordinate care for your pets with them.

Keys and Alarm/Garage Codes

If a key is not provided at the meet and greet, a waiver of liability will be provided with your service contract releasing Paws Pet Sitters LLC of any liability for keys left “under mats” or in any other hidden location outside of your home. Paws Pet Sitters LLC will keep possession of any key to your home until you return home.

We will not leave any keys under mats, rocks, or hidden outside.

Paws Pet Sitters LLC must be provided a working key or code to an exterior lock box that holds a key at the initial consultation that allows access to two exterior doors, or a key to one exterior door and a garage code that allows access to an interior door.

If an exterior lock box code is provided, the home owner will be responsible for making sure the key is in the lock-box prior to any departure in which the sitter will be coming to care for the pets. Even if you provide a garage code for entry, a working key for at least one exterior door will be required in case of a power outage. If you do not allow Paws Pet Sitters LLC to keep a copy of your key on file, a $15.00 fee to return your key to you will be charged.

Please let your alarm company know that you will have a pet sitter coming into your home and that the possibility of the alarm being inadvertently set will be heightened.

Photo/Digital Image Policy

Paws Pet Sitters LLC will periodically take photos of your pets. We will use these photos in text updates to our clients, in our client profile database, on our website, social media, and in our company marketing literature.

If you do not want photos of your pets to be used on our website, please indicate so on our service contract.

Paws Pet Sitters LLC reserves the right to make changes to our policy at any time.

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